Your engagement ring is a sentimental gift that you want to preserve forever. It marks an important milestone in your life and you’d never want to have it lose its original appeal. In order for your ring to maintain high quality, there are a few important steps you’ll have to take. Below are some precautions we advise you to follow in order to ensure the best care for your engagement ring.
Engagement Ring Insurance

An engagement ring is a long-term ordeal and an investment. In order to guarantee yourself protection from things that may be out of your hands, insurance is a good safety net to have, especially if you’re an accident-prone person. It’s great to have a fallback and to be less worrisome of losing or damaging your ring. Appraisal also plays a major role in determining and keeping the worth or value of your ring. It is recommended to have your ring appraised every 5 years.

Keeping it Clean

Soaking your ring in warm water and with a mild detergent will help keep it looking brand new and sparkly clean. Also, be sure to use a soft brush and to be gentle while cleaning in order to avoid causing any scratches. A professional jeweler can also offer steam cleaning for your ring, if interested.

Taking it off

Although many fear of losing their ring in the process, it is best to take your ring off when doing anything active or when going into the ocean or a pool. It is also important to keep your ring away from any harsh chemicals, as they can give the ring a dull finish. These include cleaning products, lotion, sunscreen, and perfume. Wear gloves when you can or just simply take it off and store it somewhere safe. Rather than taking your ring off in a public space, be wise about the environment you’re removing it in. These things may go without say, but it’s important to remember to take these precautionary steps to keep your ring, so it can be everlasting.

Taking it in

Scheduling a regular maintenance appointment with your jeweler is a crucial step in protecting your ring. They’ll be able to tighten any prongs or loose diamonds and check for any small cracks in the metal. It’s also best to have a professional clean it for you, as well. They know what they’re doing and how to handle your diamond with the best care. Once a year will do, but twice a year is definitely recommended.