Wedding photographs are a crucial part of your big day. Getting great pictures of all the important moments (and of all your amazing displays!) is high on every bride’s list of wedding day priorities. But how can you make sure you get incredible pictures during your wedding and reception? Keep reading to see our full guide to the perfect wedding day photos!

1. Choose Your Photographer Carefully 

There’s one thing great wedding photos can’t happen without and that is a great photographer. When hiring a photographer for your wedding, it’s important to make sure you pick a photographer who’s experienced at shooting weddings. That’s because weddings aren’t like other photoshoots— you can’t do a procession or a cake cut twenty times if a photographer doesn’t get the shot. And they won’t have all day to get your portrait shots (the average time people leave in their schedule is only 30-60 minutes!). You need to hire a photographer who knows how to capture every moment as it happens, which is something that only comes from experience. 

In addition to choosing a photographer who is experienced with shooting weddings, you should also make sure you love the style of your photographer’s wedding portfolio. When it comes to you loving the final pictures, your photographer’s style is as important as their skill. So make sure you’d be thrilled with your wedding photos if they end up looking just like your photographer’s portfolio. 

Also, check to make sure you know exactly what you’ll be getting when you hire a certain photographer. If it’s not already specified on their website, make sure to ask how many final images (high resolution and low resolution) you’ll receive after the wedding, as well as how much retouching is included in their wedding package. 

2. Figure Out The Shots You Want In Advance

There are so many different kinds of pictures you can take at a wedding, from posed portraits to candids to artsy shots. It’s important to figure out the shots you want in advance so you’ll be sure to get every picture you dreamed of. 

If you don’t know what you want yet, consider looking other couples’ wedding pictures for inspiration. You can look on social media, Pinterest, through google, or in wedding magazines. Pinterest is an especially great tool for inspiration since it’s so easy to make custom inspiration boards and use them to figure out what you’re drawn to most. 

3. Make A Plan and Consider Timing 

Once you know what you want shot on your wedding day, it’s time to schedule your photography into your wedding itinerary. Remember that time is a precious commodity on your big day. So, give yourself some cushion in your schedule so you aren’t rushed when getting your most important pictures taken. 

Be sure to check your plan with your photographer so they can confirm you’ve allocated enough time for everything. Having your photographer aware of the day’s plan will also give them the ability to make sure they know exactly what’s happening at any given time. Then, they’ll be ready and waiting to shoot, both during any photo sessions and during all the important candid moments you want to capture. 

5. Practice Makes Perfect

If you aren’t used getting photographed, you should spend a little time practicing before the big day. Get in front of the mirror and practice smiling and posing, then try taking some practice shots to review. Practicing your modeling skills will make a world of difference in your final photos!

6. Relax and Enjoy the Moment 

Our last step is the most important one: relax and enjoy the moment on your wedding day. There’s a lot of prep involved in getting amazing wedding photos. But once the big day comes, just relax and let your photographer work their magic. Not only will this make your pictures better (since you’ll look happier in every shot if you’re relaxed), but you’ll have more fun on your wedding day!