Buying an engagement ring can surely be one of the most stressful situations for any guy to be in. You know how much the ring means to your lady and want to make sure it’s the perfect one that will absolutely blow her away. From choosing the stone, selecting the metal, and deciding on the setting, you find yourself completely lost in this engagement ring process and vocabulary that you never knew even existed. If you find yourself in this predicament, don’t worry! Our team at Bay Diamond Importers has solutions to this problem that will make your experience a lot more easier and a lot less stressful.




You can begin by browsing the expansive selection of engagement rings found on our website. Browsing through the rings on our website will give you a much better general idea of the type of ring you are searching for. By clicking on any of the rings, you are presented with all of the information you need to know including style, stone size metal type, and setting. Once you have a better understanding of the ring you are looking for, our expert craftsmen at Bay Diamond Importers will work with you directly to ensure you get the ring you want. Find a ring you really like, but want a different metal or setting? Our masterful jewelers will update any of our engagement rings to your specific taste.




We also have a custom design special order service that allows our customers to get a one-of-a-kind ring with an original design in four easy steps. First off, our experts consult with you about the engagement ring you want. You can have simple pictures, various ideas, or even phrases you remember your girlfriend utter about her dream ring. We inform you about the different metals, settings, and stones available and can suggest ideas we believe will work best with your vision. Next, we provide you with 3D images of the ring from four different angles that allow you to see every detail of the ring.

At this point, we give you time to think about any changes or alterations you want to make to the design. We also wait to get your approval of the diamonds that will be set in the ring. In the third step of the process, our designers bring your ring to life by first making a custom wax carving before creating a casting and finally, hand setting the diamonds. The finished product is fine polished and inspected for quality before being delivered to you. Numerous testimonials from past customers describe the satisfaction in being involved in the process of creating their perfect engagement from beginning to end.


Our goal at Bay Diamond Importers is to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction available in the industry. We do this by supplying the world’s most beautiful diamonds with quality and value in mind and providing exceptional customer service that is built on taking the utmost care of every single customer that we work with. Call us today at (310) 378 0714 or email us at for an unbelievably pleasant engagement ring buying experience.