Maintaining jewelry is a lost art which can bring the most neglected pieces back to life, as well as to preserve the brilliant spark of your finest jewelry. Whether it’s polishing your go-to everyday bracelet, restringing your great-grandmother’s antique pearl necklace, or perhaps repairing the clasp on a Rolex you want to keep top resale value on. Servicing your jewelry is the best way to keep it in the utmost pristine condition. Unfortunately, many people often do not realize the various jewelry services available and as a result continue to wear their worn out jewelry as is, or even worse, not wear it at all. 

First and foremost, jewelry should always fit perfectly, never too tight or too loose. One of the most important services available is resizing jewelry, most commonly with rings and necklaces. Jewelry should always have a radiant sparkle which can be achieved by having it cleaned and polished. A rhodium finish can put an extra touch of brilliance on any piece of jewelry. Similarly, refinishing an older piece can truly bring it back to life. Polishing is especially important for watches which are worn daily to keep them from looking worn out. Nearly all scratches, blemishes, markings, and dents in jewelry can be repaired by an expert craftsman to original form whether it's a necklace, bracelet, ring, earring, or chain. Regardless of how bad the damage may seem, there are jewelry repair specialists who can work wonders.

Pieces with pearl and beads should be restrung with new silk thread as a maintenance method. As knots loosen, the pearls rub together, causing damage to the gem. In addition, after a few years, dirt and dust can collect in the string, making the pearls seem dull. As a result, restringing is crucial in maintaining the elegant look of pearl jewelry.


In addition to resizing and polishing services for precious jewelry, watches need the same maintenance.  The services can all range from: battery changes, refinishing and remounting, to even internal cleaning. This is especially true for upscale, luxury watches which are complex and require great care.

Finally, in addition to repairing and maintaining your jewelry, you can always upgrade and customize it as well. If you desire a larger diamond on your necklace, diamond upgrades and stone setting changes are available. If there is a specific vision in your mind for an engagement ring or any other piece of jewelry, custom pieces can be created. A laser engraving on the case back of a watch? It can be done to add a personal touch to an already special gift. The opportunities for upgrades and customization in jewelry are endless, it's just a matter of having a specific vision!


All of the services, repairs, upgrades, and customization talked about are available at Bay Diamond Importers. Here, we have a built a loyal customer base by offering unparalleled craftsmanship in all aspects of our work. With over 30+ years of experience with fine diamonds, we possess the expertise to provide masterful work on anything related to diamonds and jewelry. Backed by a full warranty and countless testimonials, it is easy to understand why our customers trust us with the most beloved jewelry. If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at (310) 378 - 0714 and speak with one of our jewelry experts.