Platinum is a precious white metal in fine jewelry. It has become a favorite among brides and engagement rings. You may be wondering why platinum has become the go-to metal in jewelry. The reasons behind its popularity and why you should get in on the trend are outlined below.


Platinum is considered a luxurious form of metal, as it is even rarer than gold. Being 30 times rarer than gold, to be exact, the high value of platinum comes naturally.


Platinum is used in a very pure form, unlike other metals, such as gold. Its 95% purity rate makes it extremely strong and durable. Platinum will rarely ever tarnish. It is also hypoallergenic, which makes it suitable for all skin types.

Three-stone diamond heart-shaped earrings in platinum

Platinum classic diamond engagement ring.


Given its vividly white color, the shimmery and shiny look of platinum makes it all the more appealing. Its chemical composition also makes it seem very sleek and silky.

Easy care

Platinum is fairly easy to care for and maintain. It is a long-lasting metal and doesn’t require much attending to. It does not require any rhodium plating like gold would. The only cleaning that may be needed down the road is steam cleaning. However, many can get by without any cleaning at all.