As California's weather slowly changes from the summer heat to the nice crisp breeze of fall, so does our jewelry and wardrobe. Fall, also known as Autumn in other parts of the country is arguably one of the more important seasons in the fashion industry, with the movement of new, hot trends in clothing and accessories. Here at  Bay Diamond Importers, we have researched 4 emerging trends that will help you transition with ease from summer to fall!

Rose Gold

Rose Gold is becoming the go-to metal this season. With its warm, blush tone, it can be easily paired off with the deeper tones of fall clothing. According to experts at Papasifakis, "Warm taupes, lush greens and muted pinks are predicted to be huge for the upcoming fall season, which all complements rose gold". Take this Prong Set Diamond Bangle in 14K Rose Gold, the subtle rosey-pink with a touch of bling will brighten up your fall attire easily. So let's put our white and yellow gold aside, and welcome Rose Gold into our collection. 

Layered Neckalces and Pendants

For all you fashionistas reading, it has been widely known that the layered look has taken over the fashion scene for many seasons already. This trend is still carried over into the fall, but paired with it's elegant sister, the Pendant. Here at Bay Diamond Importers, we suggest matching up some of your summer-season, lightweight neckalces with a more bold, statement pendant, such as the Prong Set Diamond Pendant in Rose Gold, to achieve that perfect fall look.

Hoop Earrings

Not much of a surprise that the Hoop-style Earrings is making its way back into the Fall Season. This trend however will be more of a shinier, more elevated variety opposed to what it was in the past. A great example is our Prong Set Diamond Hoop Earrings, the bigger, more elegant, and more sparkle it gives off, the better. 

Pile on the Rings!

Last but not least, your engagement ring will never go out of style! This fall season, many brides and bride-to-be's are pairing up their beautiful diamond rings, like this Diamond Halo Ring, with more trendier ring pieces with colored stones. This will not only bring more attention to your engagement ring, but it will make it the perfect transitioning pair to be worn season to season!