Rolex as a part of our timepieces collection is the epitome of luxury. Rolex watches, unlike any other watch brand, is a reputable company that ranks at number 2, on the 100 most reputable companies based on studies by the Reputation Institute. Much of Rolex’s premium reputation stems from the fact that Rolex, as a brand and a company, maintains notorious value, exclusivity, and quality control.

Photo Courtesy: Bay Diamond Importers 

Every owner should know that Rolex does not market themselves “through a brown paper bag”. The name alone is respected as the most recognized luxurious mechanical watch company in the world. In addition to its value, the exclusiveness further enhances Rolex’s reputation, as they are considered highly collectible.

To begin, Rolex is unique in its product material and manufacturing. Rolex takes great measures to ensure quality manufactured steel watches. Although Rolex utilizes the most sophisticated watch-making machinery in the world, their products are all hand assembled and manually tested, where the company employs technicians specializing in setting and testing the watches. Rolex provides virtually everything. In-House: the gold used, the gemologists work, science labs, and pressurized water tanks—notably secretive and exclusive. Rolex melts their own gold and delicately handsets their diamonds and/or gemstones. Rolex performs tests with all their material to make sure the diamonds and gold are authentic.

Photo Courtesy: Bay Diamond Importers 

Still not convinced Rolex timepieces are a top grade, premium reward? One Rolex timepiece takes one year to make. Further, Rolex produces a million watches per year with no shortcuts in the manufacturing process. As a company, Rolex is only interested in producing the best watches and prioritizes quality and efficiency that serves a purpose of evolution, rather than revolution.

Rolex timepieces are a premium item all on its own and individuals who own them are sure to show an undeniable sense of confidence, reliability, and dignity when sporting a Rolex Watch. Rolex watches maintain value, so if you were to change your mind you can get a large portion of your investment back! Simply can’t afford the brand? Shop Bay Diamond Importers, where we offer a variety of pre-owned Rolex timepieces at discounted prices; up to one to two thousand dollars off retail! Rolex quality is undeniable. Celebrate your achievements and reward yourself to premium quality as exclusive as you are. Follow the link and visit Bay Diamond Importers today!