Planning a proposal can be a very nerve-wracking situation for anyone, no matter how ready or confident. This is totally understandable, especially when considering a proposal is one of the biggest moments of anyone’s life. There are probably a lot of questions you have about proposing and are not exactly sure where exactly to find the answers to them. From telling her parents, picking the right time to propose, choosing the right ring, and finally finding the perfect way to actually pop the question, you are guaranteed to find yourself puzzled at some point along the way. Disclaimer: you won’t be able to find the answers to these questions on Google. While the internet may have an abundance of information about proposals in general, it’s only the closest people around you and her that can truly help you with your proposal. Here, we outline people you should talk to about your proposal, whose advice will set you on the right path and make proposing a tiny bit less difficult.

Your Mom

Think of your mom as your magical guide sent from above for the whole proposal process. Moms have a ton of valuable experience that will be super helpful and they can talk you through nearly any question you might encounter. Plus, they would get super offended if you didn’t consult with them about this stuff. Once you tell her you’ve made the decision to propose, odds are that she’ll like be the one asking questions (these will really help you!) and the conversation will go from there. Be sure to ask her what her proposal was like. Although times may have been different, the memories her proposal brings back will give you direction on what you want your future wife to feel when you pop the question.

Her Family  

By this point, you’ve probably realized it’s important to have good communication with her family. Once you’ve talked to your family about proposing, you should talk to her family next. It’s a good gesture to officially ask her parents for their daughter’s hand in marriage and it’s simply the classy move. This conversation gives her family the opportunity to ask you any questions they may have relating to the proposal, and vice versa!

Her Best Friend

When planning all things proposal related, her best friend becomes your best friend. Best friends have the inside scoop on just about everything, so whether you want to ask for her thoughts on a ring or want to talk to her about proposal ideas, her best friend is an important person that can help you a lot throughout the whole proposal process.



One of Your Close Friends

Finally, we suggest talking to one of your own close friends, specifically one who has already proposed and has some experience. They can tell you details about their experience, including things to do and not to do, and maybe even give you some tips. Ask him as many questions you can about how he went about proposing, from deciding it was time, to finding the ring, talking to her family, and so on. Sometimes, after all, it’s one of the boys who can offer the most honest and straightforward advice about things.


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The different people we mention on this list can offer useful advice as you move closer to proposing. Each carry a different set of experiences and information that can help you in different ways and make your life a lot easier. Yet, at the end of the day, if you’ve decided to propose, then that means that she’s the love of your life, best friend, confidant, and you probably know her better than anybody. Make sure to listen to the subtle (or not so subtle) hints she gives about her dream proposal, but ultimately, as long as you make it special and keep her in mind, then you’ll be just fine.