Bay Diamond Importers: The Full-Service Solution That Beats LA’s Jewelry District

Located in beautiful Torrance, California, Bay Diamond Importers is your full-service solution for all of your fine jewelry needs. With our unmatched selection of stunning diamonds at incredible prices, as well as our high-quality service, you no longer have to sort through subpar diamonds at dozens of cluttered shops in the LA jewelry district to get a good value. Come to Bay Diamond Importers first and experience our exceptional service, unbeatable values, and impeccable quality. At Bay Diamonds, you’ll enjoy an incredible shopping experience.

Quality & Value

Bay Diamond Importers began with one goal in mind: providing our clients with the most beautiful diamonds. This is still our mission today. All of our diamonds are carefully selected for quality, as well as GIA and EGL USA certified so our customers know that they are getting the finest grade stones available. With our unmatched quality, we also ensure a great value. We import our diamonds directly, avoiding the additional cost that importing through middlemen creates. This ensures that our high-quality diamonds are the best possible price for our customers.


Our Diamond Specialists have more than three decades of experience in the jewelry industry. We approach your needs as a customer individually and with expert knowledge, helping you find exactly the right piece for you. At Bay Diamonds, you will experience a level of service that is rare in the diamond industry. We truly care about the care, quality, and level of satisfaction of everyone who shops with us.


We strive to create an easy and pleasant experience for our customers. When you shop at Bay Diamonds, our experts can help you find any design you can think of, as well as create custom designs that match your exact vision. There’s no need for you to hunt through endless stores like you would in the LA jewelry district. Our experts will do the work for you and help you find what you need. Our store is also conveniently located in Torrance, CA, where you’ll find ample parking in our clean and beautiful area. Shopping at Bay Diamond Importers ensures you can get incredible quality, value, and service easily, all under one roof.  

Why Choose Bay Diamond Importers?

Bay Diamond Importers is located in sunny Torrance, CA, in the South Bay of Los Angeles. The city of angels has a rich history when it comes to jewelry. For almost a hundred years it has been home to the famous Los Angeles Jewelry District, the largest jewelry district in the United States. The LA Jewelry District certainly has a storied history. However, if you’re shopping for jewelry in the Los Angeles area, we encourage you to shop at Bay Diamond Importers before combing through the many shops in the District. We have absorbed all the knowledge of the industry from the nearby Jewelry District, then used it to carefully curate our selection of diamonds and jewelry to ensure that we provide you with the only pieces of the best quality. You can avoid sorting through lesser gems and select from only the best. And, because we directly import, you can make sure you’re getting an even better price than you would find in the jewelry district. Come by our storefront in beautiful Torrance, CA and experience our incredible selection of diamond jewelry at excellent values.